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My Favorite Spiritual Vitamins

by Lakecia Harris on June 6, 2013

Be on guard.  Stand firm in the faith.  Be courageous.  Be Strong.

 ~1 Corinthians 16:13


Vitamins are all the rage in my office.  We are all forty+ and are looking for ways to stay vibrant, be energetic, and hold off old age.   From Biotin to B12, we are all on some sort of supplements.  On a positive note, we are encouraging one another to not allow our health to decline because of neglect.

This week of study at P31OBS we are looking at the metaphor of Spiritual Vitamins.  We are looking at what we can do to strengthen our faith walk gaining a new perspective on powerful ways to manage and handle stress so that it doesn’t keep us oppressed and living below our potential.  Note:  If you suffer from stress and stress-related health issues you need to pick up Stressed Less Living by author Tracie Miles.  This is a life-changing study for me and I know that you would be blessed as well.  Below are my top three favorite “spiritual vitamins”

1.  Bible Study:  I’m usually teaching a bible study, facilitating a small group, and doing a study on a topic of personal interest or need.  I’m not legalistic about it, but allow the messages that God has for me to speak to my heart.  Being involved in bible study sometimes provides me with information that I can share with someone else to help them also and it also allows me to recommend studies.

2.  Journaling:  I’ve been writing out my prayers for several years along with my personal ups and downs.  Recently I’ve discovered verse-mapping.  You may already verse-map…if so good for you…if not…you must try it !

3.  Accountability:  My best friend and I have a pact to hold each other accountable.  We are transparent with one another; pray for each other; and support each other during difficult times.

What is a new “spiritual vitamin” that you can begin taking to strengthen your faith walk? 


Not My Goliath

by Lakecia Harris on May 23, 2013

God provides us with what is needed to face the

Goliaths in our lives


Like many busy women, I had allowed stress to be my friend.  My friend Stress showed up everywhere.  She sometimes was at my breakfast table and very rarely missed an evening appearance at my house.  Weekly she was on my job appearing at some of the craziest times and certainly partnered with Change anytime organizational policies, people, or procedures needed adjusting. I get to work with some amazing colleagues, who are also licensed counselors.  After we hosted a welcome back to campus “Popsicle Party” today. popsicles   I had a chance to share some things that were on my heart regarding a decision I felt led to make, which will alleviate some of my stress.  The first thing that she said to me was” prioritize you’re already impacting lives in the work that you do each day”.

My new normal, as today was also the last day of school for my son, revolves around the swimming pool.


Swimming Pool


Since I don’t swim, I knew I would be at the pool for a couple of hours.  I took my journal with me because I wanted to process my earlier conversation regarding my priorities and I wanted to do some self-reflecting about what I needed to release and let go of so that I could be a better version of myself and live more fulfilled.  I made two columns and labeled one as “New priorities” and the other “On Hold”.  On my “On Hold” list I placed a dream that I’ve wanted to see come to fruition since 2008.  This dream has been a blessing and a curse.  As a blessing, I’ve made incredible friends, my life has been enriched via professional development, and I’ve been able to see life in a fresher more vivid way.  As a curse, I’ve not had the success as I thought I would, it has been a whole lot more challenging, and I simply don’t have the time to really make it go.





I strongly believe in my dream and I do believe that in the right season of my life, God is going to bring it to pass.  He so graciously reminded me of another dream that had been on my mental back burner  for many more years that I need to turn into an active goal with specific steps to reach it.

So my Goliath, an unrealized dream, has to go.  Unlike the biblical character of old, it won’t die, but I’ll place it on hold until I, with God’s help, am able to allow it to come into existence.  Releasing this Goliath has taught me the following.

1.  When life get’s overwhelming, be relentless in letting some things go.

2.  Make room for margin in your schedule to enjoy the simple things in life.

3.  Absolutely do not take your frustration out on your friends, family, or colleagues.

4.  Don’t seek anyone’s approval about what you should do….only God’s.

5.  Waiting on the right timing doesn’t mean that you stop….keep praying and allow God to show you what you need to do, change, or eliminate to relieve stress in your life mentally, physically, and emotionally.


What steps do you need to take to eliminate Goliath in your life?  Share in the comment section!  I love hearing from you :)










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